We have sought to explore the many regions of the world and the incredible beverages available from all corners of the earth. Bottom line, we love to drink. We like to drink good stuff; red, white, pink, bubbles and the occasional beer- we don’t discriminate.

~ Jaime Heer & Tucker Huget

Tucked away in the historic San Marcos Courtyard, Armada Wine & Beer Merchant offers guests a neighborhood hangout, a space to explore wine and beer from around the globe while enjoying good company and catching a good buzz.

Landing in Santa Barbara from opposite ends of the west coast, proprietors, Tucker & Jaime have fallen head over heels for the craft beverage industry and the culture and people it encompasses. They invite you to embark on a trip throughout some of the best wine regions in the world right from Armada’s downtown Santa Barbara digs. Exploring wine and beer at Armada provides locals and visitors a great opportunity to stumble across something interesting and new or to sip something familiar.